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3 dias para matar dublado online dating

In order to spend more time with his family, he accepts, but balancing out work and family proves to be a very difficult task.

I was glad that Kevin Costner got a lead action role and I thought he was pretty solid despite the weak character he was given.

I say if you like Costner, you love Besson, then this is a film for you!

I kinda feel he's making a strong comeback, that I'm excited for.Only you can stop him."Despite not having a great tracking record, there have been a few of Mc G's movies that I shamelessly found slightly entertaining.3 Days to Kill began with some promise and I was enjoying Kevin Costner's lead action role, but that feeling didn't last too long once the action scenes and comedy became repetitive.It doesn't make the film bad by any means, just as I said, not what I was expecting.You could very well tell the Luc Besson influence, who wrote the story, co-wrote the screenplay & produced the film, from the odd pacing / editing of the film.

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