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Absolutely free connecticut chat lines

--And could someone please clarify the difference between a single-stage and two-stage furnace? The AMV9 lines up with the XV90 The AMH95 lines up with the XL90 The AMS95 lines up with the XR90 The Amanas hit 95% to get the tax credit, nothing Trane has does. Like having a small furnace for most of the year when it isn't that cold and a big one for a few cold mornings or quick warmup. Thanks, Bladloonie.....exactly what I was looking for.

Variable speed blowers use a lot less energy, have a nice quiet constant fan speed, and have the electronics to maintain airflow better as duct conditions change such as closed registers or dirty filters. Couple of follow-up questions: -- One of the Trane reps said the XV90 would NOT fit my current system...to the duct work I currently have. Am I correct in saying that the multi-speed blower will blow at a constant speed?

He said that my duct work is "standard size." And if we install XV90 then the furnace would actually run louder than it was designed. Does the performance of the XV90 system (or any system with a variable blower) depend on the ductwork? The "multi" part can only be changed by adjusting the wiring? The dealer could be warning you that your duct system is undersized for what his furnace will want to move.

Just a little confused on the difference between variable and multi.... There's a couple of posts on here about new 90% variable speed furnaces being loud. On a standard motor, if the duct system is undersized, filter dirty or too many registers are closed, you just don't move enough air. With the variable speed blower, it knows you aren't moving enough air and speeds up (to a point) to move more air.

I have received one estimate that uses an Amana unit.

I am trying to compare apples to apples here...if someone could tell me which Trane models corresponds to which Amana model that would really help.

It will enrich your living room with its clean lines and dark wood.

The Trane reps are recommending either the XR90 or the XL90.michael Trane has a nice comparison feature for their products located on I commend to your attention.Usually when you see the letter "V" in a model, this indicates a var speed blower.That's why they especially can be noisy on a small duct system. ) 3 tight fitting ductwork( some sealing may be present) 4 large return duct ( retutn duct should be as large or larger thanthe supply duct) 5 a very large filter or several filters 6 does the job look straight and well done?With a standard motor, if the duct system is undersized and restrictive, you can set the motor to a higher speed tap to move more air (to a point) where the variable speed motor does it automatically. 7 did they use a flow hood and test for proper air flow in the home.(this includes return) 8 some firms use duct testers.

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If they dont know what you are talking about you just cut your choices by one dealer.... (IE a 5ton system most furnances need both sides for the required airflow.

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