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Camel ride sex position

They are part of the Jewish Law and Bible, part of the Christian Old Testament (that’s right you Christcuck imbeciles, your God is the Jewish God), part of the Muslim Quran and faith – and are set to have been given by the Jewish God to the Jew David.

The Jewish God of course will supposedly laugh at everyone and show them his power, his holy mount is Zion and David is his begotten son.

They are literally cheering on for the Jews to conquer this world by believing that some kind of God is behind every Jewish action.

Whenever the Jews destroyed someone else: It was God who helped them.

Then the Yahweh monster says that all that the Jew David has to do is ask of him : And he will deliver unto the Jews all the non-Jewish races and people, they shall become their inheritance, ever-lasting slaves as promised within the Old Testament Laws.

The entire earth shall become a Jewish possession, the trick of how to achieve this having been given within the Laws as well : , which is to say propaganda and brainwashing.

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