Dating jewelry clasp

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Dating jewelry clasp

I adore jewelry, and I can pull of a bit chunkier necklace, but I hate wearing earrings or bracelets at the office.

Bracelets always end up hurting my arm when I’m writing, as my watch goes on my left wrist and I’m right handed, and earrings always poke into my head when I’m on the phone.

I have also worked in retail and I have met many customer like you who try to scam companies to try and get something more out of them than what is fair.

They claim it was delivered and said it was not thier fault if i didnt get it. BE CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING WITH THIS COMPANY..I had a problem with my last order with them. spring ring vs claw clasp I have purchased twice from Dreamland and the quality for the price is excellent.I have finally created a page for finished items coming straight from collections (mine and others). I am not sure what material the piece is made from - it has been beautifully and richly painted and is in a graceful pose. This 9 1/2 inch tall statue is named Baba Egum who represents all of the orishas or deities within its powers.My pages are such a confusion of different kinds of items that I am going to try to organize better. please keep checking this page as I will be constantly adding new items, collected and treasured for years - the newest items have the largest numbers so are way down near the bottom of the page... This statue was originally brought from Brazil by a dealer/collector and I have had the statues for about 15 years. It is the protector and representative in the Brazilian religion of Candombl.They pretty much blamed it on me and said it was my responsiblity to be checking the mail. They sell silver chains for .00 that other websites sell for or . A roll of silver wire was missing in the package and I email them three four times and had no response and there was no way to get somebody answer their phone ( I live in Canada). My first order was silver chain bought by the metre, the chain arrived with a knot in it I couldn't not untangle, it was actually fused together. I might be new to dreamland Jewelry, but I have already ordered lease 5 to 6 times, and EVERYTIME, I have been very shocked with how fast I got my items. The chains I have noticed have been small for 14 inch chains and that for the rings you do have to size up one size. Chain if you want it in a 14 inch you have to go for 20 inch because the size will be for a "childs neck" (or fit like a tight choker).Well i check my mail every day, they need to stand by there shipping company or they need to ship differntly. It truly is the responsibility of the purchaser to dispute items not received with the shipping company and credit card company. I make jewelry, and I've been buying silver chains from them for a long time to use with my pendants. Finally my husband wrote a serious Complaint for me and after that I received the missing item. I'm in Australia and my second order arrived within one week! Also I have loved all I got, says Sterling, and have not turned any color as some do if they are cheap price. Other than that it has arrived on time maybe a day earlier and I live in Ohio.

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Where I work, once it leaves our warehouse, we sign it over to a shipper. However I hadn't get any verbal response from them ever. For an online company, letting their customer feeling insecure is not very clever, I hope they will improve in the future. I responded to an email that had a promo code for a free pendant, i claimed it and also found three toe rings under $5 each. Besides everything else, the price for the merchandise is wonderful. Zaturn, I have items that I have bought from Kay Jewelers that are sterling silver, but they have also tarnished or turned dark as you said while in the box. Clean it with plain toothpaste, the cheap kind will work make sure its the white kind and not the gel, and that should clean it up for you.

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