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Ben I actually prefer this to anything Lou did with his previous band.

I don't care if these songs are reworkings of leftover VU songs, I like all of them.

But if your sexuality isn't threatened by such an idea - and it shouldn't be, for heaven's sake - you are gonna LOVE these tunes.

Produced and created with assistance by David Bowie and his Main Man Mick Ronson, Transformer is a quintessential "glam rock" experience, utilizing creative production and often hilarious character sketches (how on God's Green Earth did the lines "But she never lost her head/Even when she was giving head" become ACCEPTABLE to FM radio?

It is not intended as an insult or slur of any sort; I'm simply using it as a descriptor: This is a fag album for fags who screw each other in the rear because they're gayfers.

that song makes a whole lot more sense now after reading your M and L review although "sanskrit to a pony" still makes absolutly zero sense whatsoever.Remember its only pretentious if you're pretending, and they really weren't.You're not angry at artists, but people who fooled you into believing they were artists....you've had your musical heart broken and are scared to love again...be brave my little soldier and you'll be rewarded!) and yelled down the road at me that I was a "fucking faggot." Eventually I realized that I was walking alone up Park Avenue (I had completely passed my home avenue) and missed my fiance'. I went home, called the restaurant and was told that she'd left already, then I took the dog outside to wait for her.When she showed up, we were both sober enough to realize how ridiculously funny the whole situation was. Love doesn't care about making a spectacle about itself in public. I'm of course referring to Mike Love from the Beach Boys.

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Favorites are "Riders in the Sky" and "Going Down".

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