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Though that’s true, a part of the reason is also my overwhelming shyness to do something grand. Hiding behind my phone and asking my readers for help!

Okay, I know a lot of you will tell me I’m breaking your heart but seriously you girls can do better.” *Awww* The Perfect Girlfriend The tweets that follow explain the reason why she would make for a perfect life-partner.

So this is 9th book of Durjoy and from very first page, its fascinating. Till today, he was popular author among young kids and I think, he took one step to showcase his capability as an author and at some extend he proved himself.

It looks like, he stopped writing sex scene after some x pages and left Deb-Avantika behind (or at least for this novel) . Author shown his love towards book through protagonist character.

He meets a girl named Shubhangi one day and is determined to marry the girl.

To do so, he has to first impress his future father-in-law.

Author: Chetan Bhagat Okay, let’s start with the one of the most popular best love story novels by indian authors.

He has also spoken in various TEDx conferences in colleges across India.Some just gave ultimatums to their future husbands!Deep, an awkward young man obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he us sent to Hong Kong on an internship programme.Leaving behind jealous but encouraging friends, a supportive father and a hysterical, overprotective mother, Deep makes his first flight to a foreign land.And then he sees her, Ahana, a stunningly beautiful girl.

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What followed were a series of tweets by the nervous Bengali author where he seeks supports from his followers and tries to justify his proclamation.

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