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More than 450 mourners attended Monday's services at a chapel near the Provo temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including church President Thomas S.

Monson, who offered words of comfort to the family.

It’s hard to square this with his knockabout affability – humorousness is rarely next to godliness. ” I’m just trying to visualise Donny on the dark side when his minder gently intervenes.

But survival in showbusiness – and with a current radio show, 60 albums under his belt, concert tours, and a recent US Dancing With the Stars trophy, he is most definitely a survivor – is all about reinvention, reading the audience and giving them what they want. But before I go, I seize a chance to humiliate myself a little more.

“I’m a very religious person, but not a zealot,” he says, reasonably. The “My Beliefs” page (not something you’ll find on Justin Bieber’s site) features a lot of stern Old Testament quotations about the evils of fornication, and Book of Mormon references to the abominations of whoredom. Tanned and compact, he is soulful and charming and yes, ladies, he smells lovely. “Donny, I know you are a happily married man and a devout Mormon, but will you still flirt with me? ” he cries, and pats the sofa next to him, possibly to indicate that I am to sit beside, rather than on, him. Even when I suggest he ditch the blonde PR woman-cum-minder in the corner (who is probably an Israeli-trained human killing machine), and slope off to the bar with me for a naughty Diet Coke (Mormons don’t do stimulants), he laughs and agrees, although – and this only occurs to me much later – he somehow never quite gets around to grabbing his coat. With the journalistic equivalent of Tourette’s, shouting out random non sequiturs. remind them that I swore one day, one day I would be hanging with Donny Osmond in his hotel room. But today he is all twinkly and every bit as handsome as he looked in my sisters’ copies of Jackie 35-odd years ago. And although he’s here to talk about his forthcoming UK concert with his sister Marie, he generously lets me have my moment. He is solicitous to a fault; and how do I repay him?She writes in the book, “During my childhood and teen years, I was abused.It ranged from invasions of privacy to having my personal property stolen, and, most damaging, to being abused sexually.” ad on the front of the Flamingo.

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He’s been in talks with Andrew Lloyd Webber about various projects and has agreed to play the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera at some point in the future. “I know I’m a professional journalist, but can I have a picture with you, on my i Phone, please Donny?