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“I’ll tell you one thing…” Gemma continues, as she puts the book down, “Both our hormones have been going absolutely spare the further along we get.

We now see Emily lying across the bed, rubbing her belly, as, in another close-up, Gemma gives her clit a thorough tongue-bath, while her fingers probe Emily’s juicy cunt.

The movie was entertaining from the beginning to end and the acting was good and the script was great.

One thing i didn't like about the movie was that Anna and Clay in the beginning of the movie had just met each other and after only knowing each other for 2 or 3 minutes decides to stop a wedding, i understand that they both didn't like the idea that Anna's aunt and Clay's father getting married so soon, but they made it look really good and believable in the movie and i liked it.

Again in the close-up, Gemma now has three fingers in, fucking Emily’s pussy hard, her hand slapping against her body. Now, Gemma kneels between Emily’s legs, which she holds onto, and rocks her hips back and forth.

In another close-up, we see that Gemma is rubbing her pussy against Emily’s.

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“Mmm…I hope you keep these after we give birth…” In our first close-up, Emily licks, sucks, and even nibbles Gemma’s pencil eraser-like nipple.

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