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Ratters online dating

I'd appreciate advice regarding the most reliable van on peoples experiences.

thanks for all comments and suggestions :) I'm also 185cm and I can say from experience, the Hiace won't be the best option.

Go with a Ford Courier, Renault, Iveco or something like that.

For example in on a common suburban street, car park or supermarket car park ? Sorry I'm not 100% clear on your meaning about the servicing cost, was it a bit pricey or very cheap ? A real blast to actually hear from the builder of THAT VAN :) Common suburban streets are ok, but try a different place every night, or at worst within 50m of where it was the last night.The only advice I can offer is to avoid those button operated automatic ford transits at all costs.They're a nightmare to drive and always have problems.Highways provide rest-stops where you can stop for a few hours.On the weekends you are advised to move to the beachfront, where it's really nice.

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