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Sex breeding

Secretly, slaveowners would impregnate enslaved women and when the child was born and grew to an age where he could work on the fields, they would take the “very same children (of their) own blood and make slaves out of them,” as pointed out in the National Humanities Center Resource Toolbox on Slaveholders’ Sexual Abuse of Slaves.

A considerable number of studies have reported differences among dog breeds with respect to their genetic profile, cognitive abilities or personality traits.

Although successful in predetermination, it may decrease the size of the litter.

Was this because the male sperm did not survive in an acidic environment, and vice versa, thus decreasing the litter size?

This technology, licensed to Sexing Technologies, has already been used for predicting gender for dogs in service work where one sex is preferred over another: Trainers of dogs for the blind primarily want bitches, while male dogs are preferred for police work.

However, right now the technology is cost prohibitive for the hobby breeder.

By using a flow cytometer, X or Y chromosomes can be distinguished in sperm cells.

Many swear that if you breed early, you will get bitches.

I know breeder friends who have been successful using this method.

Indeed, to our knowledge, there are no studies assessing the relative weight of these factors on the expression of personality traits in in young pups.

Consequently, we assessed personality by direct behavioural observations of 377 two-months-old puppies from 12 different breeds using a standardised and previously validated open-field test, in which pups were simultaneously exposed to a number of different novel stimuli (e.g.

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Perhaps in the near future, however, sexed-semen technology will be a common tool easily available to dog breeders, and more affordable.

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