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Time and time again, we hear guys complaining about their significant others because of a variety of reasons. For the girls reading this list: try to do a self-evaluation and ask yourself if any of these destructive patterns of behavior sound like you, even just a little bit. For the guys who are reading this: take notes and tell your pals because once you get sucked into a relationship with these types of girls, you might have trouble getting out.

Your food is placed on the table and you just needed to snap it, you tell him to wait until you are done taking pics of the table before he can finally dig in to his plate.

Cancel, that is what you do, and you reschedule for a time when you look like yourself.

Those girls who are MIA until her guy leaves her and those girls who are trying to live a double-life on social media are just two examples of chicks to steer clear of.

Other examples of girlfriend no-nos include those who try to play Mom and those who are tethered to their phones.

The problem is that many women tend to overdo the makeup when getting ready for a date but the odds are what you apply on a normal night out is just fine.

Put it this way, if your freckles or beauty marks have disappeared you may have too much foundation on.

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“I meet a lot of people but it’s about connecting with someone and that happens very rarely. “As I’ve said before I’m not going to date any more d ...