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Topaz page green dating sites

Gem deposits found in water after they have been separated from the mother rock.

Gemstones without a crystal structure are referred to as amorphous.

A gem that is cut round without facets into the shape of a smooth polished dome.

It lacks the facets that are on most faceted stones. The center stone is the prominent center piece in a jewelry setting that has multiple gemstones. The city in southeastern Thailand famous as one of the world centers for gemstone processing and Thai Gems trading.

Standard sizes are calibrated in millimeters for a number of different gem shapes. The cat's eye effect sometimes seen in gemstones such as chrysoberyl, apatite and tourmaline is known by the technical name of chatoyancy.This is usually caused by tiny silk rutile inclusions in the stone. A long rectangular gemstone shape, somewhat similar in shape to a loaf of French bread, hence the name.A round shaped stone cut with a minimum of fifty-eight facets.Color change gems change color due to changing light conditions (such as alexandrite or color change sapphire) or when viewed from different angles (such as andalusite or iolite).Traditional gem facets are flat or two-dimensional.

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Zoning is best seen when looking at the stone through the top table facet.

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